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Houseclean LLC is an export-oriented factory located in Suzhou, China. The company manufactures and sells vacuum cleaners and was founded by experienced professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The company has a registered capital of 1.0 million and has invested around 6 million in vac technology tools in the past years. It has a 12,000 square meter industrial land and employs nearly 120 people, with a daily motor production capacity of 5,000 pcs.

The company has a complete quality assurance system that involves the entire process from research and development to manufacturing. Its laboratory has established systematic reliability testing standards and methods, ensuring high-quality products with a low failure rate, which has earned Houseclean a good reputation among its customers. The company has established a management system of standardization, regulation, and procedure based on ISO 9000 standards, while the ERP system ensures high-efficiency operation procedures at low cost.

Houseclean values its customers and always puts them first. Its vision is to be a leading company in the industry with "0" defects in the product, and "0" distance in communication and service. Its core values are honesty, faith, passion, and devotion to work. The company has a fine HR management system with incentive mechanisms and promotion regulations, which provides all employees with a good working environment and a platform for development. The company also has its management institute, providing systematic career training for aspirant employees and giving them the chance to grow together with the company.

Houseclean is committed to creating a new miracle in the home appliance field.



Who We Are:

We are a professional team specializing in household cleaning appliances. Our vision is to create a world where efficient cleaning appliances make people's lives smarter and easier. Join us on this journey, and together we can create limitless and powerful possibilities.

What We Do:

We provide one-stop household cleaning solutions. Our range of cleaning appliances and accessories ensures you find the most convenient and favorable way to clean your home. 

Customer Feedback:

Our products have been well received by our customers and are imported primarily to ten countries. They are particularly popular in the European Union and Asia. Our services are also highly recognized. Once we promise to achieve something, we make sure we deliver and never let our customers down.

 import mainly to 10 countries, popular in the EU and USA.


service is highly recognized. Once promised, our mission is to achieve. and don't let them down.